Monday, October 27, 2008

New day. New Season.

I have a new blog!!!! Check out -

Love to all!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


ok - so it's 12:37am and I know I have not been loyal to posting... but if you read this and can help me, I'd be SO Blessed!!!!

Hey! So here’s the deal. Most of you have gotten an email from you letting you know that Gateway Worship has a new cd coming out (Wake Up the World, coming out April 8th! Check out the widget to hear the songs at

I was so honored to be apart of the choir! And b/c of that Ingrity Music has asked us to be apart of the street team to promote the cd. Here’s what I need from you! Whoever does the most of specific promotions gets a big prize! I really want the big prize!!!! It’s an iPhone! :-) I know – the only thing in it for you is helping me and you being apart of spreading the news. Thanks for considering and for helping.


Can you add Gateway Worship as your top friend?
Can you make a Gateway Worship song as your song on your myspace?

Can you add the “Wake Up the World” Widget on your Myspace or facebook or blogspot… or other website!?!?!?

Can you put the YouTube commercial ( ) on your Myspace or facebook or blogspot… or other website!?!?!?

If you can, please email me back after you’d done it and I can count you as my points!!!!

Thanks so much. Y’all are the BEST friends anyone could ask for.
Bless you!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Gateway Worship

Hey all!!! The Gateway Worship cd comes out April 8th! It was such an amazin night of worship and it was So powerful! You don't want to miss this cd!

Check it out!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Family School

Well - It's been WAY TOO long since I've blogged. Last month I moved in with the greatest family I know, the Graves' Family. They have 5 amazing kids, Hannah (9), Joseph (7), Sarah (4), Rebekah (2), and John (20mnths). It's a very large house to fit us all and their amazing "super nanny" Katie. Katie and I share our own little suite upstairs :) It was a huge transition for me to get rid of my bed and move to a 2 twin beds (aka college dorm set up). It's that thing that you're letting go and going what seems to be the opposite of where you long to me :) It's been wonderful but also stretching to deny yourself and serve others. Ther'es so much peace and grace and it seems like I learn a new "God" lesson every hour :)
Katie is so much fun. It's so great being roomates. We use to kill eachother, but years later, we're super close and God uses her in my life every day!

Katie was trying to show Hannah a fun dance move... we had so much fun! Oh - and Katie dances every week now that she's move to the Dallas area ;)

I've had a blast with each of the kids and have enjoyed taking Hannah on a fun date and tonight Joseph and I went to Super Target to buy Nightwatch Optiums Prime. :)

I posted way more of my pictures on my facebook account - here

I also turned 28 yesterday... wow, 28. Kinda sobering :) I'm in a lesson with the Lord of just being truly content with where He has me and trusting Him with everything. Letting go of every desire and knowing that HE being a good God will never just forget about me :)

We also threw Melissa a babyshower yesterday (Props to Katie on the food and to Nicole for her awesome hostest skills. )

Here are just a few pics (and there's more on facebook!)

So - I'm gonna stop posting these pics, since I realized you can all see them on facebook!!!
Good night to all! More on the amazing family school lessons later!

Monday, November 19, 2007


That's right! Our amazing PINK team won the Seven Flag football playoffs! It was awesome to see all of our plays executed in almost perfection :) Our girls were displayed no mercy with our interceptions and tackles. Here's to all our fiercer guys and their great touchdowns! Final score - 22 to 19. And as we always pray... "Thank you Jesus, once again for allowing us to dominate and for keeping everyone safe. In Jesus Name, Amen. 3-2-1 - SKULLS!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Getting Sick

Somwhere between getting sick yesterday at 4am and trying to sleep it all off I just smiled to myself. Ok, I must have officially become an adult becuase while lying there dog sick I found joy in it. I thought about how our bodies were made to go through physical illness. They fight it off and become stronger. It encouraged me. I guess our spirits were meant to go through battles and come out stronger as well. To say the least, I'm so glad to be among the living.

Last Friday night I was truly amazed and thankful I got to attend a night of worship at our church called Beyond the Veil. Basically we went through the Mosaic Tabernacle elements of worship as a model of coming into God's Presence. That sounds so stiff, but it was truly one of the most amazing times of worship I've ever been apart of. One part of the night was each person wrote down their sins and iniquities taht they wanted to nail to the cross. There were crosses all over the room. This is just one of the crosses. It reminded me of a ladies retreat iwent to a year or so ago. I remember trading my biggest fear for God's promise. I'm still holding onto His promises and I am so thankful that my sins are nailed to the cross and covered by the blood of Jesus. I must admit that on Saturday when Brady Boyd (former Executive Pastor at Gateway, now Senior Pastor at New Life Church in CO) spoke a goodbye message and he spoke about the redemption God brought to Ruth, my heart sank. I've truly struggled that I deserve to be redeemed. Of course none of us deserves to be redeemed, I've just been so ashamed of my past that I've forgotten that God cleanses me from my sin. Shame is a horrible tool of the enemy and I don't want it to have any room to lie to me anymore. I love this picture because it reminds me that my sins are gone and washed away... now that's something to be thankful for.

Saturday night I had a blast at the M party... what's that you ask? Well, a group of friends are starting a huge business to connect people together... sort of a myspace thing but much more than that. So they had their first event in a Mansion (hence the M)... I had a BLAST! I just love meeting people and there were so many great people from churches and non-profit ministries.... I had so much fun!!!! Here are a few girls I play flag football with... I know what you're thinking :) Yes, we get tough when we're on the field dispute our girly images :)

This is Elisa... she is stinkin amazing. She just moved here from Oregon and was also on staff with her church before moving. We work out together now (yeah! I have a new membership to 24 hour fitness!) She calls me out on my insecurities. She's so much fun and loves Jesus!!! I am so blessed by her new friendship :) she even did my eye makeup for our big party! :)

Sat and Sund. the Graves came up to go to church and scout out the land... so I got to watch all 5 kids on Sunday!!!! We had so much fun! They were so happy to obey and they cracked me up playing dress up in Melissa and Joe's closet :) So, I don't have my own kids, so I have to blog about the next best thing :)

After a long day of watching the kids, John and Nicole surprised me with a Happy Nov. 11th gift. If you've known me for a while you know last year was a "big" day for me... and approaching Nov. 11 has been hard. I truly trust God, yet it's a battle in my head to press toward the mark of His high calling (Phil 3:12). They came in with a beautiful watch from Fossil (also apart of the last year) with a precious card. Everytime I look at the watch I'm to remember that God's timing is perfect. :) I truly felt like God was reaching down and telling me that He loves me... no matter how I've messed up and that He still has His bless for me... just recieve. Here's to His purpose and His love.